Channel estimation and hybrid precoding for frequency selective multiuser mmWave MIMO systems

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Configuring the hybrid precoders and combiners in a millimeter wave (mmWave) multiuser (MU) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system is challenging in frequency selective channels. In this paper, we develop a system that uses compressive estimation on the uplink to configure precoders and combiners for the downlink (DL). In the first step, the base station (BS) simultaneously estimates the channels from all the mobile stations (MSs) on each subcarrier. To reduce the number of measurements required, compressed sensing techniques are developed that exploit common support on the different subcarriers. In the second step, exploiting reciprocity and the channel estimates, the base station designs hybrid precoders and combiners. Two algorithms are developed for this purpose, with different performance and complexity tradeoffs: 1) a factorization of the purely digital solution, and 2) an iterative hybrid design. Extensive numerical experiments evaluate the proposed solutions comparing to state-of-the-art strategies, and illustrating design tradeoffs in overhead, complexity, and performance.