Microwave Assisted Alkaline Pretreatment of AlgaeWaste in the Production of Cellulosic Bioethanol

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Energies, 2021, 14, 5891
Biomass pretreatment has an important role in the production of cellulosic bioethanol. In this study, the effectiveness of microwave assisted alkaline pretreatment of algae waste was analysed. After pretreatment, the product was hydrolysed using sulphuric acid. The effects of microwave power, irradiating time, solid–liquid ratio and NaOH concentration were examined. Under the best conditions, the fermentable sugars were converted to cellulosic bioethanol using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae with a bioethanol yield of 1.93 0.01 g/g and a fermentation efficiency of 40.4%. The reducing sugars concentration was 30% higher than that obtained from conventional hydrolysis without pretreatment. The obtained results suggest that microwave assisted alkaline pretreatment is effective in improving the production of cellulosic bioethanol of algae waste compared to that without microwave effect. Considering energy consumption, low microwave power and short microwave irradiation time are favourable for this pretreatment.